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Overcoming the monster

by Jim Killam | 4-minute read


People who teach writing like to talk about the basic elements of any good story. Characters. Setting. Conflict. A 350-foot-tall lizard that breathes lightning and threatens humanity.

Stick with me here. Any story needs a monster, and according to three dozen movies, Godzilla stands as the king of all monsters. Read More

Q&R with Pastor Luke Uran

by Jim Killam | 6-minute read


As a tumultuous year draws to a close, we spoke with Lead Pastor Luke Uran about spiritual lessons he will remember from 2020, and looking ahead to a new sermon series to start 2021. Read More

Finding our place in a larger story

by Jim Killam | 4-minute read


When King Solomon had finished praying to dedicate the temple in Jerusalem, he stood and turned toward the people of Israel.

“May the Lord our God be with us as he was with our ancestors; may he never leave us nor forsake us,” he shouted.

That’s 1 Kings 8:57. The whole dedication ceremony was a beautiful picture of reverent worship, but even that single line speaks volumes. Read More

Q&R with Pastor Luke

by Jim Killam | 6-minute read


At the finish of the Broken Wholeness series, we spoke with Pastor Luke Uran about the response, and what’s next for the holidays. Read More

The Benefits of Being Broken

Walking with God through hard seasons: The people who have shared their stories during our Broken Wholeness series talk about the beautiful benefits of being broken. Read More

Broken Trust, Brian Wahl

“I knew I needed help. But I couldn’t say it.” Brian Wahl tells his story of addiction, recovery, repairing broken trust … and finding Jesus. Read More

Broken Desires, Brandy Pardee

“God, is this really what following you looks like?” Brandy Pardee checked all the boxes: Christian woman, Bible college grad, pastor’s wife, mom. But she realized she wasn’t becoming more like Jesus. Today she carries a fresh perspective on her faith, knowing that none of her questions were too big for God.
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Broken Mind, Katie Jo Sanderson

For Katie Jo Sanderson, much of her life as a teen revolved around cancer. Today, she looks back with gratitude … and with encouraging words for others dealing with anxiety. Read More

Broken Heart, Bethany Timmons

“Depression is something about me. But it doesn’t define me.” Bethany Timmons talks about how walking through dark places draws us to depend on God — and can help us better serve others.
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