Meet Our Team

Meet the staff of First Free Rockford.

Senior Leadership Team

Headshot of Lead Pastor Luke Uran

Luke Uran

Lead Pastor

Chuck Rife Avatar

Chuck Rife

Pastor of Caring Ministries

Steve Ralph Avatar

Steve Ralph

Executive Minister

Josh Pardee Avatar

Josh Pardee

Pastor of Congregational Life

Ministry Staff

Erin Blume Avatar

Erin Blume

Director of Adult Ministries

Renee Cooper Avatar

Renee Cooper

Classic Worship Director

Meredith Domanico Avatar

Meredith Domanico

Director of Student Ministries

Kari Heckler Avatar

Kari Heckler

Director of Kids Ministries

Howard Hulme

Howard Hulme

Fairhaven Venue Facilitator

Nathan McDonald Avatar

Nathan McDonald

Communications Director

Support Staff

Patti Clauson Avatar

Patti Clauson

Mom’s Day Out Director

Kim Erickson Avatar

Kim Erickson


Debbie Evans Avatar

Debbie Evans

Exec. Assistant to Lead Pastor

Clayton Ganziano Avatar

Clayton Ganziano

Middle School Coordinator

Andrew Glendenning Avatar

Andrew Glendenning

Technical Arts Intern

Lara Griffin

Lara Griffin

Communications Coordinator

Diana Hamachek Avatar

Diana Hamachek

Accounting Coordinator

Teresa Hubbard Avatar

Teresa Hubbard

Early Childhood Coordinator

Christine Jeffery Avatar

Christine Jeffery

Adult Ministries Administrative Assistant

Kendra Johnson Avatar

Kendra Johnson

Student Ministries Administrative Assistant

Janel Palmer Avatar

Janel Palmer

Kids Administrative Assistant

David Peterson Avatar

David Peterson

Technical Arts Director

Sasha Pogwizd Avatar

Sasha Pogwizd

Senior Adults &  Caring Ministries Facilitator

Amy Sanderson Avatar

Amy Sanderson

Worship Administrative Assistant

Kari White Avatar

Kari White

Church Management System Administrator

Kari Young Avatar

Kari Young


Facility Staff

Dave Bodrie Avatar

Dave Bodrie

Facilities Engineer

Marty Brown Avatar

Marty Brown


David Finley Avatar

David Finley


Wes Witmus Avatar

Wes Wittmus


Image Coming Soon Placeholder

Jeff Worden


Notice: The main office is closed and all public gatherings are suspended until further notice.More Details