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Next Launch: Fall 2024

If you would like to join a Life Group before or after our next launch, please contact our
Adult Ministries office or call the church office.

Life Groups are committed to creating an environment where you can wrestle with what it looks like to faithfully follow Jesus. Through discussing Scripture, building friendships, and sharing life and faith together, you can grow deeper in your relationship with God and others. 

Why Life Groups?


Gather regularly with other Christians who want to grow, go deep into God’s Word together, pray for each other and care for each other.


Encouragement. Accountability. Help amid life’s seasons and challenges. Life Groups can grow deep, lasting friendships.


Some Life Groups are even multigenerational, learning from each other’s experiences as they study God’s Word together.


In this Life Group, the kids connect and find community, too. Parents find that the evening sets the tone for their families’ whole week.

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Let’s get started


If you’ve been wondering if a Life Group is for you, now’s a perfect time to give it a try. You’ll find a welcome, meet new friends and go deeper in your walk with God.

Join a Life Group: 3 EASY STEPS

Sign up.
Click the link below and fill out the form.
Talk it over.
A member of our staff will contact you and help you find a group that fits.
Start meeting.
Groups decide among themselves when and where they’ll meet, and the format they’ll follow.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Next Launch: Fall 2024

If you would like to join a Life Group after our next launch, please contact our
Adult Ministries office or call the church.

If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please call our main office at 815-877-7046 and ask for Adult Ministries. You can also email us!

Where do groups meet?

Most of our Life Groups meet in homes, although some meet at church. During the pandemic, some groups also have gathered online.

When do groups meet?

Usually early evenings, but that’s not a rule. Groups choose whichever day and time works best for them. Most of our groups follow a traditional school-year schedule — starting in the fall, taking a break for the holidays and then meeting from January through May. Some groups take the summer off. Others keep meeting, but it’s usually more socially focused.

What does a typical gathering look like?

Life Groups work out their own agendas, but typically each meeting includes a time of study and prayer, plus a social time usually including food!

What do groups study?

Our groups exist to create environments for people to grow in their relationship with Jesus. All discussion topics are Scripture-based. Groups can base their content on our current sermon series, a Bible study, or they can choose a study from Right Now Media.

What is expected of me? What am I committing to?

Initially, you are committing to a four- to six-week group. As that time comes to a close, the group will discuss if they want to stay together longer.

Is there a cost?

No. The only thing you may have to buy is a study book.

What about childcare?

Each group handles childcare differently. Some groups have each family book their own sitter. Other groups hire a sitter to watch the kids in the same home where the adults meet.

When can I expect new groups to launch?

We launch groups twice a year, in the fall and spring. New groups launch in conjunction with a sermon series and start by using the sermon-based model of study.

How are life groups put together? Can I choose who is in my group?

We do our best to accommodate what you are looking for. We ask questions like: Do you want a group where everyone is in a similar stage of life? Do you want a multigenerational group? Which area of the city or and surrounding areas works best for you to get to? What is your schedule like? Are there days of the week that work best?

Next steps: How do I get involved?

You can sign up during seasons when we are forming and launching new groups . In the meantime, if you have questions, please contact us at the church by calling 815-877-7046 or by emailing us.

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