VBS Day 5

Good Morning,

The weather was beautiful yesterday as the students continued to do a great job leading VBS. On a typical Missions Trip, Thursday is usually the day that the team “hits the wall.” However, through your prayers, the students were full of energy, and pressed on despite being tired and worn out. There have been some great friendships that have come from this trip. I received a text message from Pastor Tito last night about one of those friendships that was formed: “I just got a phone call from Alexander and Hannah’s parents saying that the kids are crying in bed right now because they will not be able to see the students again”, and it’s safe to say that this is the case for the entire team. The students have continued to build strong, lasting friendships, with our brothers and sisters in Christ from Stonemill Atlanta.

For you parents, here is the schedule of travel for the afternoon into tomorrow morning:

July 4th

3:00PM – Leave VBS.
3:30PM – Arrive at hotel, swim, and change into clean clothes.
4:00PM – Leave the Hotel and drive to Nashville to eat dinner. (We will be arriving in Nashville around 7:30PM [Central Time]).
9:00PM – Leave Nashville.
July 5th

6:00AM – Arrive at First Free.
I will post a “Glympse” link onto the Element: Facebook page and Twitter account, and to my Facebook timeline and Twitter feed, so you can track our progress and a more precise ETA.

Prayer Requests:

Pray that the team would finish strong today as we end our time at VBS.
Pray that the kids, parents, and students would continue to pray for each other even after they say goodbye.
Pray for safe travel on the way back to First Free.
Pray that this trip has a lasting impact in the students, and those that they had the privilege to minster to and with.
In Christ,