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Element: Giving


Last night in our High School Ministry, Element, we looked at the Christmas story in Luke 2. We focused on how God has come to us in order to save us. He came to GIVE to us life…a gift we did not deserve. So I challenged the students to do 2 things as a result of this Christmas story. The first was to use every opportunity to share what Christmas is actually about: God coming to save us. Christmas is not just about a baby in a manger, but also about the cross. So we have a great opportunity to spread the good news of Jesus this season.

The second thing I challenged our students to do is to give. Just like how Jesus gave to us, we are called to give to others. We have decided that next Wednesday, the 9th, we will be raising money through Compassion International. For just $180, we can provide food for a baby and mother for 1 whole year. For just another $134, we can provide a water well for 4 families. So we have set a goal of $314. This is roughly just $5 a student. And we believe that we can give above and beyond.

I am excited to see our students GIVE. They are excited to give, not for the attention, but because they are excited to follow Jesus in his example. So please pray for our students but also if you are a parent of one of these students, remind them of why we are giving.

Merry Christmas!

Let’s Go Out: Week 2



Element High School Ministry is in a series called “Let’s Go Out.” We looked at the topic of love the first week, and this past week, we looked at the topic of sex. We looked at 4 questions and compared culture’s answer to God’s.

What is Sex?
1. Culture says that sex is just PHYSICAL.

God says that sex is becoming ONE.

Here we looked at Genesis 2:21-25 and the beauty of marriage. In this passage, the key theme is “Unity.” Not only was Eve created with Adam’s rib, but they “became one flesh” through sex. Sex is not just a physical act or entertainment. It is bringing two people together to become one. Thus, God created sex to be in marriage and to reveal commitment to one another.

2. What’s at Stake?
Culture says that sex is just for FUN.
God says that sex affects YOU and your future SPOUSE.

Culture says sex is just fun and has no consequences. But God shows us in 1 Corinthians 6:18 that any type of sexual sin damages ourselves. When we sin sexually, we are sinning against God, our future spouse, and ourselves. A little decision can have big effects

3.What do I do now?
Students are years away from marriage and thus years away from God’s design for sex in marriage. So what do they do now? We gave them 3 action steps.

RUN AWAY from all that encourages sex.
PRAY for yourself and your future relationships
-Determine what STORY I want to tell.
This last action step came from Andy Stanley. Here is an excerpt of his thoughts:
one day you will have to share your past with your future spouse and you can share 1 of the following 3 stories with them.

  1. When I was a teenager I messed up sexually. I got carried away with someone I was dating. I figured that since I did it once, it didn’t matter if I did it again. So I slept with several people along the way to meeting you.
  2. When I was a teenager I messed up sexually. But when I was in high school, I learned what God’s design was for sex and purity. So I committed to following those standards and have stuck with them. I saved myself from high school on for you.
  3. When I was a teenager I realized that God knows more about sex than anyone. Since he created sex for marriage, I decided to wait. I have saved myself for you. Determine what story you will tell your future spouse. And commit to it.

4. What if I mess up?

God is full of GRACE and His PEOPLE are too.

Now the law came in to increase the trespass, but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more, so that as sin reigned in death, grace might also reign through righteousness leading to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Romans 5:20

 Grace abounds when shame and mistakes and sin rise. Thankfully, no matter where we mess up, we have a God who forgives.