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Kids Around the World and First Free Rockford Playground Build

Join us Thursday and Friday, September 27th and 28th for a playground build with Kids Around the World at Lathrop Elementary School.  For further information or to sign up contact Kids Around the World at (815) 229-8731.

Guitars for Vets

Healing for Vets through Guitar Lessons

Dear Pastor Uran,

Thank you for the amazing $750 donation to the Rockford Chapter of Guitars for Vets from First Free
Rockford’s Jeremiah Fund. The national Guitars4Vets handles all finances and I have forwarded your check to them with a note that it is to benefit the Rockford Chapter of G4V.  Veterans served by G4V are receiving mental health services through the VA. Upon completion of ten weeks of private lessons, they are presented with a brand new guitar with accessories. we have been so fortunate to have Laura Nothnagel as a faithful volunteer. Thank you for your help in bringing the healing power of music into the hands of heroes.


Trish Rooney