Streamlining our Serve

By Kathy Holliday

Esteemed British statesman Winston Churchill once noted that “to improve is to change.” One of the best reasons for change is to optimize the way goals are accomplished, and that’s exactly why we’re excited to announce our new format for serving and communicating with you.

From the beginning, our goal for “The SPICE” has been to give you “a taste of what’s happening for women” at First Free and, more importantly, to provide a connection that helps feed relationships among us as we seek to grow in Christlikeness. With this in mind, we are transitioning from a monthly newsletter format to an online blog that you can access on your own mobile device [smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.] whenever and wherever you want!

What differences will I notice with this change in format?

“The SPICE” as you’ve known it will no longer appear in your e-mail inbox. Instead, the engaging content, features, announcements, etc. that you’re used to reading will be posted on our new Women’s Blog, found on the First Free Church website, twice a month or more, depending on the timeliness of the content.

How can I access the Women’s Blog?

It couldn’t be easier; simply enter www.firstfreerockford.org into your computer’s web browser, and you’ll be taken to the Home Page of the church website. In the upper right-hand corner click the Social Media icon The next screen will show a box entitled “CATEGORIES”; click on “Women”, and you’re there!

When will this change take effect?

Actually, the September 2015 issue that you’re reading now is the last “SPICE” edition to be published. Starting in October, you’ll be able to go to our website page [no longer titled “The SPICE”] anytime to see what’s new or to access previous content in our online archive. To help smooth the way, for October only, we’ll send a reminder e-mail containing a link that will take you directly to the First Free Women’s Blog.

Do I need to wait for a reminder email in order to read the new women’s blog?

No; the blog is available whenever you are.

Why is this change happening?

To more easily and effectively connect with those interested in First Free and, more importantly, to reach out and make Jesus known to others.


For the month of September only you can still download the .pdf of The Spice.

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The Spice Sept. 2015