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Dear First Free Church,

I am writing to thank you for your generous gift of $750 from the Jeremiah Fund! When Dorothy Smith shared with us that she would be applying for the Jeremiah Fund scholarship, we immediately thought that if you chose to honor CEF with this generous gift, we should use it for Good News Clubs. Dorothy has been a Good News Club volunteer here for several years, a CEF missionary years ago in Costa Rica, and a missionary worker with other organizations her entire life. Good News Clubs run for an hour to an hour and a half once a week throughout the school year. The majority of these clubs are held in public schools directly after school is dismissed. The club consists of songs, prayer, Bible lesson, memory verse teaching and memorization, teaching on having a daily quiet time with God, missionary story, review game, and snacks. The volunteers usually purchase their own lesson material, but we thought it would bless the teachers to offer the first six weeks of lesson materials to them free of charge. After hearing and being inspired by Ken Ham during CEF’s International Conference in May, we decided to begin the Good News Club season going back to Genesis. We will use the CEF Press series, God the Creator King. Each week, as a supplement to the Bible teaching, the volunteer teachers can use The Answers Book for Kids. They contain questions children have already asked about creation. We plan to hold a drawing on the last week for one child to win The Answers Book for Kids! This is a great way to get good literature into the homes of the children who attend the Good News Club. Our prayer is that children will believe that true science and the Bible agree. They can get good and logical answers and believe that only God is our creator King!  Your gift makes this possible! Thank you for your generosity!

-Glenda Dukey

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