Whether you’re in the first season of motherhood, or find yourself snuggling grandchildren, the question of how best to discipline children has never had an easy answer.  Disciplining children is both necessary AND patience-draining—not to mention a daily work-in-progress. With that in mind, we were intrigued when we came across a recent online post entitled “The Recipe for How to Discipline Kids”!

Following is the opening to this post, found on www.iMOM.com, a popular and trustworthy blog that addresses real life concerns from a Christian perspective.  The link to the entire article is found just after this excerpt.

By Nancy Jergins

While I was in the checkout line at the grocery store the other day, I started thumbing through a magazine that gives tips for getting the most out of recipes. In one article, a photo showed two stacks of pancakes. One stack was inches taller than the other, even though both stacks had the same number of pancakes. The caption said that the shorter stack had been over mixed, and that had made the pancakes less fluffy.

Don’t ask me why, but it made me think about how that applied to raising children, and the best recipe for how to discipline kids. Specifically, it got me thinking about how we sometimes over mix, or over discipline our children. We have good intentions and want our children to be their best, but we over mix—too much scolding, too many rules, and too many consequences. Pretty soon, our kids, like the flat pancakes, aren’t able to reach their potential.

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