For this past Sunday’s Classic Worship service online, a few members of our choir recorded Is He Worthy? from their homes.

This powerful song feels like it was written for 2020, starting with the opening, responsive line: Do you feel the world is broken? We do. Yet, as it grapples with pain, the song affirms the identity of Jesus Christ. It affirms our hope for God to set everything right — and to dwell again with us.

Songwriter Andrew Peterson wrote the verses for a leader to ask the questions and a congregation to answer in unison.

“When that happens in a liturgical service,” he wrote in 2018, “I’m profoundly edified. I need to join my voice to a group of people reminding each other what is true, not just listening to a sermon but partaking in one.”

The song moves to a scene in Revelation that “thunders with the love of God…” Peterson wrote. “In Revelation 5 we get one of the most staggering images of who this Jesus really is and what he’s done for us and for all of his creation. The prophet, John, is weeping loudly because no one can be found who is worthy to break the seal and open the scroll. And then, quietly it seems, Jesus appears. A Lion and a Lamb, ascending the throne, revealing his glory to the angels and archangels and elders and, most astonishing of all, to you and me. All of heaven bursts into song.”

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Nanette Felix
June 16, 2020 8:30 pm

I am very moved. Miss this!