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Fragrance of His Family

By Jessi Uran

The other day as I was dropping my daughter off at the Mom’s Day Out program here at church, a dear mentor of mine saw me in the lobby and walked straight over to give me a hug. She asked how I was doing (how I was REALLY doing) and then told me specific ways that she would be praying for me that week.  It wasn’t until I walked out to my car after our interaction and headed off to work that I noticed something different about myself. I smelled incredible. I was even tempted to pull over and close my eyes to take it all in, I smelled THAT GOOD.

Maybe this has happened to you before? You embrace someone, maybe your mom, or the love of your life, and whatever perfume or cologne they were wearing at the time rubbed off on you and you could smell it the rest of the day?

Here’s the thing. Something else rubbed off on me that morning too. You see, this particular woman is one of those people you walk away from and because they know the Lord and walk with Him so closely, you feel like you’ve been in the presence of Jesus. It may seem small, but the Holy Spirit really used that lingering aroma from her perfume to teach me something. He used it to tell me, “Jessi, my sweet daughter, I want you to know me so well and to enjoy spending time with me so much that when people walk away from an interaction with you, no matter how great or how small, they can’t help but breathe in and notice my “scent”.

It’s the kind of thing that can’t be duplicated or created any other way than by simply being at His feet and delving into His Word. Here’s to a week of encouraging one another along the way as we seek to know Him and obey- offering up our lives as an aroma pleasing to our Lord.



Not My People

Editor’s Note: Since God truly is our “all in all” (Col. 3:11), He rightly has unfiltered access to all of who we are: the parts we’re happy to display, and the rest that we’d rather not.  This is the foundation of the relational intimacy for which we’ve been made; our Lord settles for nothing less than all of us.  We are made for Him, and He sets the standard.
Today’s blog post reminds us that there are times when Jesus must set Himself against our inclinations to wander, and this is for our good and His glory.

When I was in college, I volunteered as a Young Life leader. That meant I spent my afternoons driving to a local high school, only to awkwardly walk through the cafeteria, trying to befriend high school girls, and eventually, tell them about Jesus.

Every summer, we took hordes of high school students to a camp in Colorado, where we promised they’d have the “best week of their lives.” Midnight obstacle courses, pool parties, and delicious family-style meals were all punctuated by “club,” a gathering where we’d scream songs at the top of our lungs, and then later quiet down and listen to a speaker talk about God and this man called Jesus. About three days in, the speaker stopped talking about God and started talking about sin, something he told hundreds of teenagers they were powerless to fix.

That day was never fun. And neither is today’s passage from Hosea…    To read this post in its entirety, please go to the “She Reads Truth” website SHE READS TRUTH

Letter to our Daughter

by Jessi Uran

Summer 2016: A letter to our daughter drafted in light of the recent shootings and terrorist attacks throughout the world. It is our fervent prayer that when she is older and reads each line, that it will be through the lens of knowing Christ as her personal Savior.

My Sweet Girl,

In the face of death and evil, you may weep and feel fear rising in your chest like the swell of a great wave…

Remember that it is God’s Word that gives us strength. Your body may be hurt, or sick, or hungry, and you may see horrific loss; but if you are a child of God, having proclaimed your need for forgiveness of sins and placing Christ on the throne of your heart, no one can claim your soul The Spirit alive and living inside you is the same Spirit that holds the world together and who gives breath and life and meaning. You are different. The world fears most things, but you fear nothing. Fear is not in our redeemed and sanctified DNA. Every piece of armor you could ever need on this earth to combat the enemy of your heart has already been given to you. It is the very armor of Christ Himself.

Boldness and strength, this is the character He calls you to. You are never alone. He is always with you. The wind and waves obey Him and He will make a way. He has done it for our family, and He did it for the Israelites. He will do it again. We do not cower in the face of death. Because if we die, we gain eternity. And if we live, we gain Christ Himself. This is your identity.

When a great shadow seems to hide His face, and you wonder what is to come of this world…

Remember that it is God’s creation that points to His sovereignty. He is on the throne, and we surround ourselves with His beauty even when the world seems ugly. It is in your bones to pursue distant lands and go on brave adventures. We fill deep the well of our souls with the works of His hands and all it has to offer. We watch sunsets and feel the salty mist of the sea on our skin. We inhale the smell of pines and listen to the loons at dusk. We venture out, and we are better for it. We love the earth and care for it, but not for the earth’s sake. We love it because of Who made it, and Who it reflects. When we see big things, it reminds us of our big God.

Every trip we take and every road we travel reiterates the boundless perfection of our Creator. He holds the balance. In Him, our tendons move and our lungs expand. Nothing exists and nothing is sustained without Him. You’ve seen this for yourself. You were kept safe, but you were not kept locked down. We do not live our lives in fearful retreat. We are cautious with what we see, what we read, what we hear, and with the friends we keep…but when it comes to this bright and shining world, we leave caution at the door and keep adding to our passports. This is your responsibility.

If you experience persecution or rage towards another threatens to consume every fiber of your being…

Remember it is Christ’s sacrifice that shows us true Love. None of us can claim righteousness. We are no different from our neighbor in our need for God. He is the true King who will bring forth justice at the right time. Talk of race, or gender, or beliefs may muddy the waters and cause us to lose focus; but we must always come back to our need for forgiveness and the privilege we have to forgive. If you know Jesus and His redeeming work, then you were drawn by His cords of loving kindness, and nothing else. Shame and judgment have no place in the way we interact with others or lead them to the Cross. We are not condemned; therefore, we do not condemn. His love for us is not contingent upon our love for Him; therefore, our love for others is not contingent upon their love for us.

How easy it is to care for a soul who is docile and grateful. That requires nothing. But we lace up our boots and care for the ones who may hurt us in their hurting. We don’t confuse our burden with our battle. Our burden is for the lost to come to saving knowledge of Who God is and what He did for them. Our battle is against spiritual forces that have nothing to do with our neighbor. Each immortal soul is to know your heavenly stamp of Christ through your love. This is your commission.

His Word, His World, and His Work on the cross. By these thing we are to wage our war. For darkness will never prevail where the True Light abides.

We love you always,

Mom and Dad

Truth & Friendship

Editor’s Note:  This post is printed, with permission, from Cheri Swalwell’s “Spoken from My Heart to Yours” blog,

Cheri Swalwell is a Christ follower who thoroughly enjoys her calling to be a wife, mother, and writer, in that order. She has a degree in Psychology from Illinois State University and enjoys writing regularly for Book Fun Magazine and LIFE TO THE FULLEST. Cheri is also a contributing author for the book, 31 Devotions for Writers as well her book series, Spoken from the Heart”.

June 9, 2016 by Cheri Swalwell

“But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect…” I Peter 3:15 (NIV)

I’ve been reading a great book called Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi.  This is a book that cannot be read lightly because when read slowly, it causes one to think, really think about the struggles Muslims face when introduced to the truths of Christianity. For three years, Mr. Qureshi sought after the truth and that path led to his choosing to accept Jesus into his heart, fully submitting to God despite what it would ultimately cost him in his culture and with his family.

I believe that God used that book in my life to remind me of a few things. First, I am incredibly blessed.  When I gave my heart to God at six years old, I didn’t have to make a choice between my Heavenly Father and my earthly Father. I wasn’t sad because I had a family who rejected me and my “religion” but instead I was brought up in a home where God was the center and learning about Him and His truth was something to be embraced, not rejected.

Second, I believe God used that book to remind me of a truth I have always believed in and tried to implement in my everyday life: to live a life that imitates Christ means to love others, build relationships and fellowship with others. Not judging their choices but living side by side and showing them God’s love through my actions more than my words.

However, that brings me to the third point I think God wanted to show me. There needs to be more. I can’t just rely on the fact I’m showing others Jesus’ love by my actions – I have to know the Truth behind what I believe in because people are hungry for the Truth.  While an emotional connection with God will come because God is very much alive and so incredibly personal to every human being who seeks Him, for many, it starts with Truth. Why do I believe what I believe? Can I back up my beliefs with facts? People aren’t impressed and many don’t change their way of life, their cultures, and their practices because of a “feeling.” They want to know that if they have to risk everything, who and what they are risking it for.

Mr. Qureshi stated that one of the major factors that helped lead him to Christianity was the deep friendship he and his college buddy, David, had with each other. David wasn’t afraid to confront Nabeel with the truth and Nabeel was able to accept it because of the solid friendship that was already established between the two of them.

I will admit that I am not where I need to be with that third Truth.  I need to learn more of why I believe what I believe and be able to explain that coherently to others who are truly seeking.  I believe that is one of the best gifts we could give our children too – knowing how to defend their faith and knowing why they believe what they believe. It doesn’t have to be scary but it will require time and effort to uncover those answers.

I’m an emotional person.  If given the choice, I would rather read a biography about a person’s life than a text book.  And that’s okay. God created me to be relational with people for a reason. However, it’s time I start digging a little deeper so that when people ask, I can give them facts that back up the Truths I know to be reality.  May God help me balance out building relationships with people so that when we have discussions about God’s Truth, they will see my heart.  I’m not here to force them to choose my way. I’m just here presenting them God’s Truth to allow them to make that choice for themselves.

© Cheri Swalwell 2016

What Our World Needs Right Now

Editor’s Note: If you’ve found yourself discouraged by the inroads the enemy is making in our world, on many fronts, you are not alone. Today’s post, from Lina AbuJamra’s blog helped recalibrate my perspective with God’s truth; and all Truth is God’s truth.  Below is an excerpt from Lina’s post. If you’d like to read it in its entirety, please go to this link:  LINA

“When I was growing up in Beirut, my pastor used to give us the same illustration over and over again. He would ask us if we knew how the Department of Treasury recognized a fake dollar. He would then pause for a minute and deliver the punch line. The secret that the Department of Treasury had to identify a fake dollar, he would say, was simple: they made it their mission to study the real thing. Then when they saw the fake, they easily recognized it.

They could tell the fake because they knew the real deal. 

When it comes to our relationship with God, many of us claim to be Christians, followers of Jesus Christ. But are we really the real thing? And if we are, why are our lives so weak?

  • We say we believe God, but we live in constant fear.
  • We say we love people, but we can’t seem to stand the church.
  • We say that giving is essential, but few of us do it while people all around us suffer.
  • We say we believe in eternity, but our lives are focused on our plans for today.
  • We say that Jesus is the Lord of our lives, but our hands are hurting from holding on to our stuff so dearly.
  • We say that fullness of joy is ours, yet we walk around with glum and worried faces.
  • We say that hope is alive, but we look like the walking dead.

In a world that’s shaking, we’ve forgotten that Jesus is solid.

In a world that’s hurting, we’ve forgotten that Jesus is our healer.

In a world full of fakes, we’ve forgotten what is real…

…Over the past few months we’ve watched our country torn apart with the craziest political atmosphere imaginable.

We’ve seen a steady moral decline in our nation. We’ve witnessed a global crisis of mammoth proportions expand before our very eyes with millions of people now looking for home.

It’s time for us who call ourselves Christians to wake up.

It’s time for us to resolve to live what we say we believe.

Our God is a God of resolve. He has resolved to love us without limit, to stay with us no matter what, and to give us everything we need to live an abundant life.

You and I have the real deal. We know the truth. We are the light in this world. It’s time to get serious about it.

Let’s not waste our time focused on all the fakes out there and why they’re not the real deal. Let’s instead make it our mission to resolve to be real.

Life is not as complicated as we make it out to be. Jesus died for us and He lives for us. Now it’s time we wake up and live for Him with everything we’ve got.”


ORIGINAL Conference

By Elaine Drake

April 21-23 were some very exciting days for our women. This past weekend included solid spiritual wisdom and encouragement for the nearly 50 First Free women who attended the “ORIGINAL” Conference across the street at Rockford First.

This year’s event was the 10th “ORIGINAL” weekend conference and ran from Thursday evening, all day Friday, and Saturday morning, April 21-23 on the campus of Rockford First. Renowned speakers including Charlotte Gambill, Andi Andrew, and Nancy Alcorn flew into Rockford to give encouragement and hope to the 3,000 attendees. Local leaders Jen DeWeerdt and Lisa Seaton rounded out the list of outstanding speakers.

In addition to the conference sessions, First Free women and friends had the opportunity for group fellowship and relaxation time. On Friday there was a break in the program schedule from 3:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. During this time, we dined as a group at Fresco restaurant inside Anderson Japanese Gardens. The weather was beautiful and a great time was had by all 43 who attended! Most of the women took advantage of the beautiful, sunny day to walk and explore the renowned gardens. The group enjoyed a delicious, gourmet dinner created by the Fresco master chef.

The weekend was a powerful time of worship, prayer, and learning about our God. We have already committed to attend the ORIGINAL 2017 conference at the BMO Harris Bank Center on April 27-29, 2017.  Put it on your calendar now so you can experience it, too. Hope you can join us! Original Conference 2017


Easter Thoughts

Compiled by Kathy Holliday

This past weekend, Christ-followers in every time zone, zip code, and social stratum celebrated Resurrection Sunday, commemorating the spiritual pivot of human history.

It is because our Savior won the definitive victory to cancel our debt of sin and restore us to right relationship with the Father that we “have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure,” [Hebrews 6:19].

On this side of heaven, none of us can fully grasp the transcendent reality of the Crucifixion and Resurrection. That must await our translation into our heavenly bodies, where we will be in the Lord’s presence and “know as we are known.”

Until that time, we can benefit from the observations and affirmations of others. Following are a few perspectives that have brought insight and encouragement to me and, I hope, for you:

  • “The Cross was a superb triumph in which the foundations of hell were shaken. There is nothing more certain in Time or Eternity than what Jesus Christ did on the Cross: He switched the whole of the human race back into a right relationship with God. He made Redemption the basis of human life; that is, He made a way for every son of man to get into communion with God….The Cross is the center of Time and Eternity, the answer to the enigmas of both.” ~Oswald Chambers, excerpted from the April 6th entry of, My Utmost for His Highest: Selections for the Year, Discovery House Publishers.
  • In his introduction to the edition referenced above, the late Richard C. Halverson, former chaplain of the U.S. Senate, noted the strength of My Utmost… “lies in its stubborn insistence on the objective reality of Redemption as the only secure foundation….the ground of faith and experience is the person of Jesus Christ.”
  • “He has forced open a door that has been locked since the death of the first man. He has met, fought, and beaten the King of Death. Everything is different because He has done so.” ~C.S. Lewis in Chapter 16, Miracles
  • Finally, I am indebted to a friend who forwarded to me an internet link containing the following poem by late American author, John Updike, penned in 1960:

Seven Stanzas at Easter

Make no mistake: if He rose at all
it was as His body;
if the cells’ dissolution did not reverse, the molecules
reknit, the amino acids rekindle,
the Church will fall.

It was not as the flowers,
each soft Spring recurrent;
it was not as His Spirit in the mouths and fuddled
eyes of the eleven apostles; it was as His flesh: ours.

The same hinged thumbs and toes,
the same valved heart
that–pierced–died, withered, paused, and then
regathered out of enduring Might new strength to enclose.

Let us not mock God with metaphor,
analogy, sidestepping, transcendence;
making of the event a parable,
a sign painted in the faded credulity of earlier ages:
let us walk through the door.

The stone is rolled back,
not papier-mâché, not a stone in a story,
but the vast rock of materiality that in the slow
grinding of time will eclipse for each of us
the wide light of day.

And if we will have an angel at the tomb,
make it a real angel, weighty with Max Planck’s quanta, vivid with hair,
opaque in the dawn light, robed in real linen
spun on a definite loom.

Let us not seek to make it less monstrous,
for our own convenience, our own sense of beauty,
lest, awakened in one unthinkable hour, we are
embarrassed by the miracle,
and crushed by remonstrance.

Fleeting Days, Eternal Tomorrows

By Rebekah Anderson

We had lunch with my grandma after church today. While we were there my uncle stopped in with my grandma’s former neighbor. I remembered Mr. D from years ago when we would visit my grandparents in Rockford. They were next-door neighbors. But he held no recognition of me. He suffers from some form of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. He doesn’t really even know my grandma any longer. So, when he arrived, he was agitated and even a little cantankerous.

But something sweet happened when he came face-to-face with this little darling. He began smiling and cooing to our daughter, Eliza. I thought it to be a bittersweet meeting – one life just beginning, poised to accumulate a lifetime of memories; the other in his sunset, relinquishing the memories of a life long-lived. Looking for some way to communicate his delight with his new little friend, Mr. D reached into his pocket and pulled out a handful of quarters and tried to give them to the baby. I offered to keep them for her and put them in her piggy bank.

It blessed me to see a child of mine bless the heart of an old friend. I know Mr. D had been good to my grandma when my grandpa was, himself, suffering from Alzheimer’s. Those memories are probably gone from Mr. D’s mind. But as he left, he turned to my grandma and, maybe in a brief moment of clarity and remembering, told her to call him if she needed anything. She smiled knowingly and told him she would.

Our visit with my grandma concluded shortly after Mr. D left. As she said her goodbyes, she lingered for a moment with Eliza.

“She won’t have any memory of knowing me,” my grandma said. I started to protest, that maybe grandma would…

“Stop,” she said. “I don’t want to live to be that old.”

I think 95 years have given my grandma plenty of good memories. And, blessedly, she has been allowed to keep them. Not all of us have been or will be given that gift.

It is a cruel reality this side of eternity. We spend years going and doing and seeing and loving and at the end, we risk a blank page. Even the great Ronald Reagan was not immune. One of the greatest changers of history eventually succumbed to Alzheimer’s.

His wife, Nancy, died today. I am trusting that God, in His great goodness, reunited the two and restored to them the years of memories they shared. What was lost on earth was preserved in safekeeping in the heavenly history books. I trust that the faithful servant and his faithful wife are now glorying together in the presence of their savior, Jesus. I trust the same for my grandma when she is reunited with my grandpa.

And I pray Mr. D trusts the same. Even if he doesn’t remember.

Dependency: Reliance and Trust

By Lindsay Solava

Ed. Note: We’re delighted to share today’s post from Lindsay Solava, wife of Troy, First Free’s Director of Student Ministries. Lindsay and Troy were married two years ago, shortly after Troy joined our ministry team. Lindsay has lived in Rockford for two years and is employed as an RN, in addition to her involvement in Student Ministries and co-leading the freshman girls’ Life Group.

It all started in December of 2013. I graduated college, two weeks later married my high school sweetheart, and a week after that moved nine hours away to Rockford, Illinois. My poor parents, right? Before I knew what happened, I was sitting in our apartment thinking, “what do I do now?”

I was waiting to sit for my nursing board exams while simultaneously searching for a job. It was January and freezing outside. I barely knew how to get to the grocery store, much less knowing about five people at this point! This threw me into a season of real dependency upon God. You see, I had my life planned out to a tee for the last couple months. I knew exactly how everything was going to work out, and then I found myself without many answers to some pretty big questions like, “Where am I going to work?”, “What does a godly wife actually look like in the day to day?”, and “Where is my place in this thing called ministry?”

Jesus calls us to depend on Him.  “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.” Matthew 22:37 Wow! I don’t know about you, but most days I’m pretty dependent upon myself. I’m pretty reliant upon my job to provide for my needs/wants. I trust in my own abilities to accomplish tasks. But the Lord has been reminding me how sweet it is to depend on Him. When I recognize my need for Him, that’s when I grow the most!

As a newlywed, without a job, and not many friends, I depended on Him to provide all of this to teach me, and He did! He is faithful to His people! He is our good Father who knows how to give good gifts (Matthew 7:11).

So why don’t we love Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength? For me, it’s because I feel the need to be in control of things. So when I need answers, I find them for myself. When I need a tangible item, I work hard to get it myself, completely ignoring the promises He has given me.

So I asked myself, “Would my life look any different without Jesus?” I want you to ask yourself this same question. I know we each desire a life dependent on Christ, but do our actions show it? Are we placing ourselves in situations where we know we cannot be successful on our own and that we will need to depend upon Christ to provide the power/resources/finances/etc.?

2 Corinthians 12:9 says, “But He said to me, ‘my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness…” We know this to be true, but the way we live our lives can be the opposite! Instead of really depending on Him, we work hard for OUR money, we work hard for OUR reputation; but the truth is the Lord is enough. He is trustworthy.

My challenge for myself and for you is to pray that God would make you dependent upon Him, no matter what. I’ll be the first to admit that this is a scary prayer! Especially if you’re anything like me and need to have a little bit of a handle on things! But the Lord is gracious; He will be with you every step of the way! God desires for us to become more like His Son, which means we require a lot of pruning. Pruning is uncomfortable, but necessary.

So what does dependency tangibly look like? For me it’s consistent prayer, obedience to the Spirit’s leading, and an attitude of gratefulness. I’ve found that if I’m consistently in prayer for dependency, God will provide opportunities in my life to be dependent! Funny how that works, huh? This is why it’s so very important for me to be in the Word and in prayer because when I am walking in the Spirit, when opportunities arise I am sensitive to His leading and can respond in obedience (John 10:27).

And lastly, if I am serious about depending upon God, then I will be grateful for the opportunities to be more like Him. Is it always easy, never awkward, or tough? Absolutely not, but it is worth it!

We serve a powerful God who loves us and desires for us to experience the full life He offers! Oh, how I pray we join Him!

Women’s Spring Event


Original Women

We are so excited to announce our spring event! For nine years, our neighbors at Rockford First have been hosting an awesome women’s conference called Original Women, April 21—23, 2016.  This is their tenth year and we are going to take advantage of the fact that such a great event is literally right across the street from us. We are going to partner with them by offering our parking lot and shuttle service to and from the conference. Please join us as we support them and learn from such a great line up of women.

The conference kicks off on Thursday evening with a session at 7:00pm. There are three sessions throughout the day on Friday and one in the evening as well. The weekend closes with two morning sessions on Saturday. When you register with our group we will have reserved seating.


frescoRockfordFriday @Fresco

We are also excited about Friday during the break between the afternoon and evening sessions. We have booked Fresco at Anderson Gardens from 3:00pm-6:00pm to hang out, drink coffee together, walk the gardens (weather permitting) and enjoy a buffet dinner just for First Free Women. Tickets will be available at the First Free Event Desk in April.



Early Bird Group Rate: $75 until April 1 [after April 1 $125]

To register with our group and get in on the Early Bird Group Rate before it ends on April 1st go to

  1. Click the button to REGISTER
  2. Click the button JOIN A GROUP
  3. In the JOIN A TEAM box enter: firstfreewomen [lowercase, no spaces]
  4. Enter PASSWORD: firstfreewomen
  5. Complete payment information and purchase tickets.

Once you are registered, we will contact you about gathering times throughout the weekend. We hope you will join us!