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Q&R: David Sidney, Transform Rockford

by Jim Killam | 8-minute read


In 2013, Forbes magazine listed Rockford as one of the most miserable communities in the United States. It was the latest in a decades-long series of slams by various national media.

Transform Rockford exists to change those perceptions, and to help our region become a Top 25 Community by 2025. By that, they mean as compared to other regions with 100,000 to 500,000 residents.

We spoke recently with David Sidney, executive director of Transform Rockford, about the spiritual components of this effort. Read More

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Book Spotlight: Winter 2021

by Jim Killam | 5-minute read


Winter is a great time to discover books that can challenge us, help deepen our faith and spark our imaginations. Here are a few staff recommendations for books you can find in the Scroll Resource Center. Read More

Defeat the January gloom

by Jim Killam | 3-minute read


Here’s one way to fight the post-Christmas COVID doldrums: Get outside. So far, the January weather is not that bad. In fact, lingering snow and daytime highs just below freezing make for great sledding and skating weather. Social distancing is easy and this may be the only time when wearing a mask actually makes you more comfortable. Read More

Q&R: Therapist David Creek – part 2

by Jim Killam | 7-minute read


First Free Rockford offers a list of recommended marriage and family counselors. One of those is David Creek. In the second of two parts, Dave talks about finding God working in us and through us during this challenging year.


What do you see in people who are dealing with the current challenges in healthy ways?

I think they’re finding new pathways. So, when faced with the unexpected, it’s doing that work of, How do I slow down? Because if I can’t find an anchor in the midst of this, then I’m just going to be blown all over the place, too. Read More

Q&R: Therapist David Creek – part 1

by Jim Killam | 7-minute read


First Free Rockford offers a list of recommended marriage and family counselors. One of those is David Creek. In the first of two parts, Dave talks about spiritually healthy ways to deal with this high-pressure year. 


I’m using the word “navigating” a lot right now for the holidays, for COVID, for the political stuff and everything else that’s on the radar. What are you seeing as a counselor? How are people doing?

I think that’s one of the most appropriate terms, because navigating makes me think of boating. It makes me think of coming upon a storm. Like anything, you can be faced with something that you are unprepared for. Nobody was really ready for this. Read More

Election Prayer Guide 2020

With the election less than three weeks away, let’s value unity above unanimity. Please join us in prayer. Here’s a prayer guide from pastors Luke Uran and Chuck Rife. Read More

Pandemic deepens a mental health crisis

by Jim Killam | 6-minute read


One in four.

That is the number of American adults ages 18-24 who “seriously considered suicide” in the month before a national survey this summer.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the alarming statistics from a survey done in late June. That’s not all. When asked about their emotional state in the month before the survey … Read More

Fertile hearts

by Jim Killam | 3-minute read


A full year before the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, national and district leaders of the Evangelical Free Church of America spent three days together in Montgomery, Alabama. Their central destinations were The Legacy Museum (sometimes called the Lynching Museum) and The National Memorial for Peace and Justice.

The leaders’ purpose: To confront racial terror, injustice, oppression and marginalization. Not just in our nation’s history, but in our present. In our churches. Read More