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Q&R: David Sidney, Transform Rockford

by Jim Killam | 8-minute read


In 2013, Forbes magazine listed Rockford as one of the most miserable communities in the United States. It was the latest in a decades-long series of slams by various national media.

Transform Rockford exists to change those perceptions, and to help our region become a Top 25 Community by 2025. By that, they mean as compared to other regions with 100,000 to 500,000 residents.

We spoke recently with David Sidney, executive director of Transform Rockford, about the spiritual components of this effort. Read More

Fertile hearts

by Jim Killam | 3-minute read


A full year before the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, national and district leaders of the Evangelical Free Church of America spent three days together in Montgomery, Alabama. Their central destinations were The Legacy Museum (sometimes called the Lynching Museum) and The National Memorial for Peace and Justice.

The leaders’ purpose: To confront racial terror, injustice, oppression and marginalization. Not just in our nation’s history, but in our present. In our churches. Read More

Hate finds a dead end

by Jim Killam | 5-minute read


Shane Heckler had a hard day Tuesday.

At his job at an East State Street grocery store, he was collecting carts from the parking lot when a man pulled up in his car, rolled down the window and unleashed a stream of obscenities.

“Are you one of those f***ing n*****s who are looting?”

Before Shane could say anything, the man drove away. Read More