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First Free Rockford offers a variety of Bible studies for men and women. Bible studies tend to have a round-table discussion format, centered on a specific curriculum, but also offer group prayer and encouragement. If you’re looking for a welcoming environment where you can deepen your understanding of the Bible, our Bible studies are for you. The options below will be updated each semester.


Fall 2020 Study

7 Feasts – Erin Davis

What’s the story behind all those feasts in Scripture? — It’s hard to know when you read about the Feast of Booths why exactly it matters for your life. What in the world is the Feast of Trumpets supposed to be teaching you? And, in this case, the text itself doesn’t tell you. You need a resource, a guide that can help you understand the cultural significance and how these feasts relate to the rest of the Bible.

That’s exactly what Erin Davis does in this new 8-week Bible study, 7 Feasts. She’ll teach you:

  • The significance of these feasts and why God wanted His people to celebrate
  • How each of them point to Jesus and His work in redemption
  • Why all of this matters for our lives today
  • You will discover that passages you once skimmed over are now rich and meaningful in your life today.

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Date and Time

Various days/times starting week of Sept. 28
In-person or remote; schedule based on preference.

Seven Letters to the Seven Churches – Michael Fletcher

What do we do when the seas of culture become stormy? — Sixty years after Jesus’ resurrection, the young church feared it would flounder in the rising waves: idol worship, false teachers, immorality, persecution and more. In the midst of the storm, Jesus speaks through the pen of the apostle John with urgent and practical words-words that remain full of application for us today. This seven-week small group sermon series takes us on a voyage into the Book of Revelation and the seven letters to seven churches.

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Date and Time

Wednesdays (Sept. 30–Dec. 2)
6:30–8 p.m. In-person or remote.

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